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"Matthew Bugg's golden Ariel - as riveting as Peter Brook's trapeze-borne Midsummer Night's Dream - is visual rapture, with every sliding and wheeling move conveying magic and meaning. The final exchange ("I would sir, were I human") was perfect; so was the final flight to freedom.” 


The Independent on The Tempest


"A Blitzy wartime romance of gin gents and garter belts. The book is good, the story is absorbing, the songs are terrific" 


The Times on Miss Nightingale

“Miss Nightingale is a showcase of enormous talent and a fantastic display of new writing.”

Musical Theatre Review on Miss Nightingale


“Tremendous music by Matthew Bugg”

The Independent on The Secret of Sherlock Holmes.


“Matthew Bugg's sound... suggesting bondage of both a sado-masochistic and pschological kind, and a sense of imminent cracking open”

The Times on The Father


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