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Matthew is a highly skilled actor, singer, instrumentalist and dancer as well as being a composer, sound designer and writer.


As a teenager he had a scholarship with the British Ballet Organisation and went on to work with both Scottish Ballet and Northern Ballet.


He achieved the highest mark in the country at A Level Music in 1993 and went on to get a first class degree in Music at Birmingham University where he was also awarded the Roland Gregory Prize and a Barber Scholarship.

He is a highly skilled singer with a big range (Bottom E to Top A in chest voice and falsetto above that). He is also exceptional at sight singing and harmonies.

He plays the following instruments:

  • VIOLIN Grade 8 distinction

  • VIOLA Grade 8 distinction

  • PIANO Grade 8 Merit

  • SAXOPHONE (Alto and Tenor) Grade 7 (approximate)

  • CLARINET Grade 6 (approximate)

  • DOUBLE BASS Grade 6 (approximate)

  • CELLO Grade 6 (approximate)

  • UKULELE proficient

  • ACCORDION proficient

Skills and Training

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